DK vom Riverwoods
         DKvom Riverwoods

Available Studs

To be declared "fit for breeding" by the Deutsch Kurhaar Verband, our stud dogs have been judged for performance through Tests according to the  stamdards of the DKV or JGHV teseting system and..

1) passed a performance test including water work in either the Solms, HZP or VGP tests,

2) been evaluated at least Good "G" in a Zuchtschau (conformation evaluation),

3) been declared hip dysplasia free "HDO or HD Frei" and

4) passed a sharpness test, according to the regulations of the JGHV, during hunting.

The complete stud list is to the right on this page.  All are available for breeding to 





Contact: Rob Engelking

238 Saunders Rd

Riverwoods, Il 60015


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