DK vom Riverwoods
         DKvom Riverwoods

Hogan vom Riverwoods

All of Hogan's accomplishments were acheived before the age of two (2). Hogan wants nopthing more than to work and please man. He is exrtremely tactable, loyal and happy with an exceptional nose. His natural ability was very evident early during his puppy stage, proven through his test scores with a 4h nose and 4h water while testing his 2 VGP's and exemplified during his many hunting trips since the age of 8 months on wild ducks, quail and pheaseant.

Hogan is solid and well muscled. He does not waste energy in any type of weather or cover. Land or water, his natural retrieving and honoring make him a true pack member. Hogan has been a joy to be around both in the field and at home.




Contact: Rob Engelking

238 Saunders Rd

Riverwoods, Il 60015


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