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vom Riverwoods Training


Our team of trainers is available to provide a positive reinforcemnet training plan for you and your dog whether huntng and/or testing. 


Training we offer: Versatile Field Training and Obedience


Versatile Field Training

  • In the field, water or woods
  • Point, track and retrieve of game (bird, rabbit, duck and fox)
  • Advanced work: woods work, blind retrieve and blood tracking
  • Duck Search
  • Field Steadiness
  • Trained Retrieve


Obedience Training 

  • Obedience from basic to advanced
  • Short course from six to ten weeks
  • Basic commands: whoa, down, and come
  • How to communicate and train dog with simple commands


Aria vom Riverwoods training with Mike her owner




Contact: Rob Engelking

238 Saunders Rd

Riverwoods, Il 60015


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