DK vom Riverwoods
         DKvom Riverwoods

Tribute to Chance KS vom Riverwoods

Chance vom Riverwoods, the most titled Deutsch Kurzhaar bred from vom Riverwoods Kennels.  Like his stellar mother and father, Chance showed a phenominal passion for hunting and his field work was second to none.  Showing impecable manners behind game he had high pointing instincts and incredible drive in both water and field.  Chance was the type of dog that would make the most scrupulous hunter envious.  To see this dog on point at a distance was a silouete of beauty.  The distance showed how nose driven to accomplish a task this dog was.  Chance through his prodigy produced phenominal hunting machines.  We have not even spoken of his conformation having deep, rich color, solid brown, excellence in conformation, a dog that any breeder would be proud to have in his stable.  His accomplishments in all the various testing venues speak for themself.  His personality from start to finish was puppy-like and he was adored by all who knew him.  Thank you Chance for gracing us with your presence on this earth and bringing joy to us all, and bringing DK vom RIverwoods to such a high level.  You will be greatly missed.

NA 1          UT P1 198 pts              UT 4 P1. 204 pts           VC - Versatile Champion


D 1            Solms 1              VGP 1





International Show CH

V - Conformation





Contact: Rob Engelking

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