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         DKvom Riverwoods

History of vom Riverwoods

   After opening King's Kennel in 1971, Wilhelm Engelking began his search in America for the hunting companion that would serve him well in the field, water and woods. One like he remembered as a young boy hunting with his father.  It was a goal of Willies's to also introduce the best bred Deutsch Kurzhaar (DK) in America. He desired to offer hunters, rich or poor, a DK that could be used for hunting all types of game and a companion for the family. 

   In 1979, KS Kim vom Uphuser Kolk was the first V1 conformation DK to pass the Klemans Seiger. With his stamina, temperament, pointing ability, outstanding nose and water work, Kim had the genetics to become the foundation stud Willie was looking for to breed and produce vom Riverwoods litters. Family friend and lifetime advocate of vom Riverwood dogs, Hermann Josef Schomakers, handled Kim at the Kleman Seiger for Willie.

   KS Kim vom Uphuser Kolk was a very prolific sire producing AKC bench champions, AKC hunt titles, NASTRA tiltles, NADKC titles, NAVHDA titled dogs and of course JGHV-DKV titled dogs. Cilly vom Vehner Moor was the first dam to produce for vom Riverwoods. Kim's grandson, KS Graf vom Vehner Moor received the AKC MH , AKC bench champion, NAVHDA UT1, Obedience CD, multiple National Shoot to Retrieve, Derby, Solms, VGP, KS and was the number one dog at the Austrian IKP and IKP Search Seiger. Willie continuously combined to his breeding program those DK's that demonstrated the better use of nose, point, and performance in both the field and water holding to the Deutsch Kurzhaar standards and integrity.

   The German system and Dk dogs were choosen because of the tried and true breeding program. This system of breeding the "Best to the Best" impressed Willie.  To acheive his breeding goals he joined JGHV-DKV. 

   It is our aim to produce the true versatile hunting dog and inhance future generations. We feel that it is of great benefit to the average hunter, as well as the DK enthusiats, to put together the perfect blend of a pet/hunting compainion. Once tested it is our goal, with respect to each litter, to enhance the genetic predipositions of each dam and sire, fulfilling JGHV-DKV and our requirements. The required pedigree and testing results of all Dk's continues today to be an open book. Dogs receive testing/conformation scores which are recorded whether good or bad in the Zuchtbuch.

   vom Riverwoods Kennel believes in quality rather than quanity. We pride ourselves in breeding always to better the DK breed.  






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